First Year in the Sphere

             I started this blog a year ago this month.  My first post was about my trip to Balls and not so coincidentally the previous post shared the same subject.  I took a look back at a smattering of posts over the last year and here is what I found.  I have written over 112 posts on subjects that range from Atom bombs to Zombies, from ballistics, to rockets, from opinions and reviews to serious Spork testing.  What an eclectic audience I have.  I was averaging about 500 hits a month then in July my hits climbed to over a thousand a month.  Go figure.  Mostly my readers are made up of relatives and friends, however I am also quite certain that there are some complete strangers out there who regularly read my blog, but simply do not wish to comment or be identified in anyway.  Not sure why, but hey, it’s their issue not mine. 

           I never thought that I would enjoy writing so much.  I also enjoy using this forum to keep in touch with people, it’s kind of a way for me to let friends and relatives know what is going on in my life.  I used to call people late at night; and while a drinking a six pack of beer I would yammer about this and that, pace around the garage chain smoking. I would take a break between phone calls to use the bathroom and look up another number, my next victim.  Then I quit smoking, and started writing.  I know I am better for it, and my wife says I snore less, the garage doesn’t smell like cigarettes, and friends stopped screening their calls on the weekends, so it’s all good. 

            It took about six months of writing to find my voice.  A year ago that phrase would have sounded pompous and condescending to me.  After taking a few English classes I find that using phrases like “finding your voice”, and words like “Diction” actually have a place.  I am still not comfortable with using them, but maybe in time I will.  Or maybe it’s a sign that you enjoy writing too much.  I will have to ask an English professor if this is a danger to be avoided.

            The “voice” I try to use, I formed by learning that it is easy to rant about something that makes me mad or uncomfortable, but it is more rewarding to try to relate what I feel passionately about from a positive point of view.   It would be easy to piss and moan about Al Gore, Hillary, and other liberals and how they are trying to socialize America.  Or I could wine and cry about President Bush, Cheney, and other Conservatives and compare them to jack booted thugs stomping on our civil rights in the name of a war against a strategy.  I could join other bloggers out there and cry about how the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer, victims here, and victims there.  Or I could just show what I do to have fun, play with the medium, relate how I see life in the Mid West, and maybe tell a tale or two.

            So anyway, thank you for reading. Thank you for being kind in your comments.  I am still surprised that no one has sent my work back to me with red marks showing grammar and spelling corrections.  And finally thank you for ignoring these transgressions. 

            I am finding myself in an interesting situation.  I enjoy writing for an audience, however I am not sure what my audience wishes to read, or if I should care.  The nice thing about the internet is that no mater what I write about, someone out there will be interested.  However I have a group of relatives and friends who regularly read my blog; should I choose my topics for their readership?  I guess I will continue to write like my Mom reads it (She does) and try make things interesting.  When in doubt, I find it to be a good policy to just do what comes naturally. 

When it becomes a pain I will stop, I just don’t see that happening anytime soon.           

Any Questions?

            It’s going to be another interesting year.


3 thoughts on “First Year in the Sphere

  1. Layman Pong says:

    Well hold up:
    did you want corrections?

    It’s all about content, baby!

  2. spudgun says:

    Happy Anniversary!

    …we still like the phone calls though :)

  3. Dad says:

    Well I guess I didn’t teach you everything you know after all? Great job!

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