How did you get here?

 And you may find yourself living in a shotgun shack
And you may find yourself in another part of the world
And you may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile
And you may find yourself in a beautiful house, with a beautiful Wife

And you may ask yourself-well…how did I get here? 
-Talking Heads (Once in a lifetime) 

            This Blog, its individual pages, and archives, can be found by searching the internet.  On my blog I have access to a “Dashboard” that enables me to look at all kinds of statistics. This can be used to find out what key words people are using to get to my site.  This I find to be both interesting and kind of disturbing.

Here is a sample of what people have entered into search engines that have pointed them to my site:

airstart rocket

spud gun ignition system

vw camper

zombie defense

vw hippie bus

trebuchet fishing

jack o lantern


1967 vw bus

estes ignitor

birch plywood

shotgun ammunition spices

make remote ignitor magnesium

zombies aliens and fish

inside hippie bus

singing monkey balls

sailboat names

surfing tragedy

we were we were rack you songs

convert my garage to a weld shop

rocket experimental

camper wood interior

vw camper

1967 VW bus campers

1967 vw bus


And even more I found today….

display tubes fireworks british-leland Singing Monkey Balls where to launch experimental rockets sorting magazine nude women fishing Do cats get sleepy during the winter pyro device NASA coffee mug vw camper admit one black powder revolvers Good things about Nuclear power in conse zombie defence vw bus restoration VW CAMPER rocket propellant make black powder.

And on and on.


Some of these are legitimate methods of finding my site and may be useful to the surfer.

But some are just plain wacked…


“shotgun ammunition spices”?  WTF do you think someone is trying to accomplish looking for this?  Maybe this is, a new proactive way of making beef jerky?


“zombies aliens and fish”?

 “trebuchet fishing”?  I like where this persons going.

“nude women fishing”? There is a strange fetish for you…  

There are some strange people out there, and they are looking for answers to strange questions.  I am not sure what is more disturbing, someone really wants to know about zombies, aliens, and fish, that it lead them to my site, or that none of this really bothers me in the first place.

I believe that the wacky minority of humanity molds our society. 



  If my answers frighten you then you should cease asking scary questions”

-Jules (Pulp Fiction)

It just occored to me that by posting what words that people use to find my site, I am only feeding the flames.


2 thoughts on “How did you get here?

  1. spudgun says:

    Singing monkey balls?? Seriously?
    I almost fell off mu couch when I read that.

  2. G says:

    I got here looking for VW Camper!

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