HPM music



The choice of music while operating the HPM is usually dictated by the destination, the weather, and my general state of mind.  So in the interest of sharing, and due to the fact that no one drives with me, here is my list of the music that I listen to while driving the HPM.


Setting:  It’s Friday afternoon, overcast with a slight breeze, and I am driving to a camp out before a rocket launch.  It’s been a hard week and I am looking forward to sitting around the camp fire, sipping whiskey, talking with old friends.

CD:  Talking Heads Fear of Music. 


1. Cities
2. Life During Wartime
3. Memories Can’t Wait
4. Air
5. Heaven
6. Animals
7. Electric Guitar
8. Drugs

Setting:  Its Saturday afternoon after the camp out.  I feel tired, sticky, slightly dehydrated, and satisfied with good clean fun.  The bus smells a bit like sulfur and stale beer.

Music:  Rush, mixed from different CDs


  1. Subdivisions
  2. Analog Kid
  3. Red Barchetta
  4. Digital Man
  5. The Weapon
  6. New World Man
  7. Working Man
  8. Countdown
  9. Tom Sawyer
  10. Spirit Of Radio

 Setting:  Its Friday late afternoon, and I just finished work for the day.  The week was no more difficult than normal.  The weather is windy and I have to pay attention to keep the HPM on the road.

Music:  The sound track to Kill Bill 1


  1. “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)” by Nancy Sinatra – 2:40
  2. “That Certain Female” by Charlie Feathers – 3:02
  3. “The Grand Duel (Parte Prima)” by Luis Bacalov – 3:24
  4. “Twisted Nerve” by Bernard Herrmann – 1:27, from the homonymous film.
  5. “Queen of the Crime Council” by Lucy Liu and Julie Dreyfus – 0:56
  6. “Ode To Oren Ishii” by The RZA – 2:05
  7. “Run Fay Run” by Isaac Hayes – 2:46
  8. “Green Hornet Theme” by Al Hirt – 2:18
  9. “Battle Without Honor or Humanity” by Tomoyasu Hotei – 2:28
  10. “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” by Santa Esmeralda – 10:29
  11. “Woo Hoo” (cover The Rock-A-Teens) by The’s – 1:59

Other settings and other destinations require other choices of music.  I don’t do a lot of thinking on this subject. I simply keep about a dozen CDs in the bus.  Sometimes inspiration hits at odd moments while on a drive. 

Oh and the music has to be played loud to overcome the din of the HPM motor.

Other CDs in the HPM include:

Oingo Boingo

Alanis Morissette.

Doug and the Slugs.




Elvis Costello

Big Country.


Beatles White Album (A must in a 67 bus)





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