Yesterday I received my first blog award.

 The Creative Blogger Award.


“those who bring unique and creative elements to their blogs. For those who incorporate art, music, creative writing, photo’s, and other beautiful visual effects into their website. For those who put a unique spin on things and come up with new ideas. This award is for the artsy, the funky, the inventor, and even the rebel. This award is for those creative individuals who stand out from the crowd.”

             I have to say I am honored, not only because of award but because of who gave it to me.  Caveblogem inspired me to start this little blog, his writing along with the writings of many others have inspired me.  They have also helped me to aspire to a much higher level of diction that I would have normally have shot for.  That kind of sounds pompous, but I couldn’t think of any other way of saying how I feel.


             I have only recently re-started my formal education; I started this blog to exercise my writing skills. I figured that a little exercise may help me with my English classes.  This of course goes hand in hand.  One improves the other, I hope, and both should benefit. I haven’t had the nerve to look back at the first few posts to evaluate the grammar, verb tenses, or pronoun use. 30 years after “Grammar” school, I am beginning to learn these strange and esoteric words have their uses.


            Thank you Caveblogem, I will try to honor the tradition of this award and wisely choose the blogers that I give this award to. Pay it forward virtual recognition program?  I like the thought.




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