My Brother and his family are coming out for a visit this weekend.  I haven’t seen them for close to a decade, and I have never met their son.  He is the perfect age to spend some time with his cool uncle flounder.  No he won’t call me that.  I hope. 


          So this brings me to the first thought thing follows after hearing that we will be expecting guests            

“We have company coming over! Oh Noooo….  Let’s change our lives in the attempt to appear to be neater and cleaner than we really are”  

Then start manic cleaning. 

           I think everyone does this.  At first I was against all the cleaning and preparation that we were going through.  Then I re-considered; it occurred to me that it is a show of respect and consideration for guests.  It is also a good idea because frankly I get used to junk lying around, its familiar and comforting for me.  Junk lying around the house and garage is kind of like marking my territory.  It’s probably better for all if once a year or so all the junk gets tossed out, or at least checked for relevance.  I found things that I didn’t even remember getting, let alone why I was keeping them.


I didn’t touch my rocket shop.  It is my haven.  Everything is exactly where I left it; the mess remains perfect, pristine.  

          Now that everything is clean and all the junk is either tossed out or hidden away I feel kind of lost.  It’s that feeling that Steven Wright warned me about when he described how people come into his house and remove all the furniture and replace it with identical replicas. 


            I am sure we will have a great time visiting.  The weekend will be filled with friends, BBQ, fireworks,  rockets, beer, and good conversation.  It should be a nice time for all.  I expect to spend some time sitting around the fire pit, drinking beer, and getting reaquanted with my brother and his wife.   I am mostly looking forward to getting to know his son, I want to make sure he has good memories to take home with him, it may be many years before I get to see him again.


            I also look forward to wearing shoes inside the house again.


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