I find it interesting how people present themselves in person verses their virtual persona in cyberspace.  People who are usually boisterous and loud tend to be more thoughtful and respectful; likewise, shy people can lash out with a flaming keyboard at times. Some people are just the same as in real life only more so.

             Maybe because blogs and websites consist of mostly written words; it gives the author the chance to edit out mistakes. In person nothing is lost in translation; body language, appearance, smell, sounds, everything is captured by the listener.  On the down side you can’t take stop the clock, turn back time, and remove a mistake.  There is also a certain amount of anonymity to blogs and e-mail.  You can create a screen name that is totally different than your normal persona. This apparently is wildly popular since only one of my friends actually uses his real name in their blog and none with e-mail.

            What I am really surprised at is internet shyness.  You would think that because of the nature of the medium, blogers and forum hounds would be more obnoxious than they are.  Maybe I am not visiting the right blogs or forms.

            Anyway I was looking through the comments section and weeding out not so obvious advertisements posting as comments, and I noticed something.  I have a grand total of four people who consistently comment on my postings.  I also noticed that I have had over four thousand hits on my blog.  I figure that can mean only one of five things….

  1. My blog is so un-interesting that only my true die hard friends comment out of hope that I will do the same. 
  2. My blog is so specialized that no one can relate.
  3. It’s so diverse than no one can figure out where the hell I am coming from.
  4. The hits are artificial and generated automatically when people accidentally hit on my site through in-adversity seeking information on how to find flounders on the prairie.
  5. I have readers but they are too shy to make a comment.

            I have many friends in cyberspace maintain blogs with excellent content, and they likewise receive very few comments.  Even when they come up with hooks to lure people into commenting the comments are few and far between.  So I am going with #5.  Besides, the other options are too depressing to contemplate.

            I have found that I suffer the same shyness at times when visiting other people’s blogs.  It seems like your peeking into their home and prying into their lives by reading what they post.  I find myself reluctant to break that third wall and actually interact with the author.  And when I do it is usually with regret. I am afraid that either I have insulted them in public, or hooked a new friend that will never end the conversation. 

Do other people feel this way?

Maybe they do but they are too shy to say anything.

I guess the only way to find out is to ask the four people who visit my blog a thousand times each.

Thanks in advance





Layman Pong.

You guys rock.


3 thoughts on “cybershy

  1. Layman Pong says:

    “Writing is the art of the second thought.”
    I think I’m better at writing than speaking, actually.

  2. Archvillain says:

    Go to your dashboard and check ou the blog statistics. You probably have several RSS feeds, which would account for a few hits. You’re probably also getting a lot of hits from Google searches. I’m often surprised at some of the searches that lead people to my blog. Some of them are so … odd … that I often take a few moments to wonder what possessed them to do that particular search.

    I always figured that I’m writing for myself, and maybe three or four others. I’m continually shocked at the number of visits to my blog. Like most low-end bloggers, I appreciate the occasional comment people leave on my blog. Most of them, anyway. One yutz managed to sneak past the spam filter and dropped off a link to another site … with pictures … ungood pictures.

    There are four blogs I visit regularly- whether due to laziness or general disinterest. This is one of them. Please keep up the good work.

  3. I have found that I go a little crazy when I see the little orange WordPress comment indicator on my dashboard. one of my fellow bloggers referred to it as a ‘comment-gasm’. It’s nice to get visitors who feel compelled to comment.

    My policy is that if someone takes the time to comment, i will always reply, until the conversation seems to have run its course, in which case they will usually lose interest before me.

    I’ve mainly found that the blog helps me sort out my own thoughts and new ideas, especially since politics is my primary focus. Input is a pleasant bonus for me.

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