Technology Vacations Inc.


            I predict the new trend in vacations will be vacations from technology.  Yep, the newest yuppie vacation will be to be dropped into the wilderness with only a video camera and a canteen.  Can you imagine a future where you pay a babysitter to check your e-mail and keep all your gadgets running for you while you’re in the back woods someplace?  While learning to start a fire with sticks and learning to skin a squirrel for food, you’re paying a 12 year old kid to make sure all your blogs are kept up to date and your e-mail junk filter is emptied on a timely basis. 

            I see way to many people in giant “Land Zeppelins” driving along dragging a Saturn acting like a caboose.  They have at least one satellite dish on the roof, a television over the windshield, and monitors to see in the blind spots.  Why leave home?  I bet you could simulate the entire experience with two big screen TVs and a fake steering wheel.           But that’s the generation that was born in the 40s; they are driving around with their asphalt yachts looking for a Wal-Mart and a drive through liquor store.  Soon the born in the 60s generation will be looking for something to do to get away from their everyday lives.  Going to Atlantic City, or Vegas is not exciting enough.  The Grand Canyon and Yellow Stone is just too tame. Jumping out of a plane?  No problem.  How about being dropped off on the top of a mountain in Wyoming?  Ooh sounds like fun. 


            This sounds like the perfect business for me.  I can get people to pay me to show them how to start a fire and make a bed out of leaves.  Then I drive them someplace and abandon them with a hardy “Good luck sucker”.  Then I go home and deposit their check.  To make it perfect I can take life insurance out on the “customers”.  If they don’t make it back, then the insurance makes up for the loss in repeat customers.  It’s a corporate win-win.  Then to make the scam agreement complete I have them sign a disclosure agreement that I have full commercial rights to the video they take during their ‘vacation’.  Reality TV here I come!

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