Do you have an aching fear that there may be something wrong with you but you’re not sure what?  Are do you feel a sense of dread when ever you see a commercial on TV for a new drug or treatment?  Do you find yourself cringing every time you hear of a new syndrome or disorder that is represented by a series of letters? 


          You may have Medical Acronym Anxiety Disorder or MAAD.  This is a serious disorder, syndrome, condition, or disease that may affect literally dozens of Americans every year.  Symptoms can include an intense distrust of the medical establishment, television, and drug companies. Also you may find you have an aversion to games you previously enjoyed including Wheel of Fortune, and Scrabble. 


          Historically most victims of MAAD are ex-military personal, government accounting employees and postal workers.  However MAAD scientists believe that there is a high potential for MAAD with in the text messaging and instant messaging demographic.  The potential for massive growth of MAAD can not be over stated.  I would suggest making an appointment to see your health care professional ASAP.  Symptoms for MAAD can manifest themselves PDQ.  So call your HMO for an APP or could be FUBAR almost overnight.





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