Adventure Bag

Some survivalist nuts call it BOB or bug out bag. 

This is not a BOB!

This is a bag of previous experience. 

Each camping trip or adventure I would bring this bag.

I would get home and search for all the stuff that I wish I brought.  (regret)

Then for the next trip the bag was a little heavier, but better stocked. 

I would get home find that I had stuff in there that was just a plain waste of space.  Remove thoes items and hope I never needed them.

Repeate for each trip over the next three years.




Contents of my Adventure Bag.

Medical:  Assorted bandages and band-aids, Small scissors, razor blades, alcohol, sanitary wipes, burn cream, antibiotic ointment, Vicodin, Aspirin, Iodine, water purifier tablets, Sewing needles, thread, floss, antihistamines, butterfly bandages, ammonia, lip balm. 

Electronic:  FRS two way radios, Radio that receives AM, FM, SW1, SW2, a cheap GPS, Headlight (LED), and a mini-mag flashlight.

They all take AA and AAA batteries.  So I keep a pack of 10each as spares.


Tools: Leatherman tool, multi screwdriver, two part epoxy, popcicle sticks, vice grip, duct tape, electrical tape, spool of 16 ga galvanized wire, spool of 22 ga stainless steel wire, fishing line, magnesium and flint fire starter, tiny can of WD-40, combination bottle opener/can opener/corkscrew.  A small self lighting torch, wire stripers, and a razor knife you can open with one hand (just added)  Also just added, a laundry marker and a pencil.


Other:  A 35mm film canister full of 3f Black powder, another film can full of strike anywhere matches, and yet another with Hot Prime (Hot Prime is a pyro formula that is easy to light and will light mud.


Safety items: Leather gloves, ear plugs, eye protection, sun screen, bug repellant.


            Yes all this fits into a small bag about the size of a largish purse.  Weighs a quite a bit, but you don’t carry it around.  I usually toss it in with the camping gear. 

As you can guess the items most used are the tools.  I have used the first aid kit almost every time I go out to the prairie.  Most items are used when someone else forgots something.  Mostly the bug repellant, sunscreen, and lip balm.   

 I also like pack a heavy barrel .22 rim fire pistol with 500 rounds of ammo, holster and cleaning kit. I can’t resist things that make noise.  And there are wild animals on the prairie, little ones but wild.  No I haven’t ever shot an animal on the prairie, not even a snake.  The gun is mostly there for entertainment. I enjoy shooting it and like the challenge of improving my aim.

Golf balls make great targets.  (Sorry Dad)


Aspirin is when someone else forgets to bring earplugs.


BTW do not under any circumstances bring this bag to the airport.  



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