Another season is almost here. 

            The snow has melted and the night time temperatures are starting to average above freezing.  The back yard is returning to its beauty and the cats have re-claimed their killing field.  I can tell spring is here; my wife is busy cutting the heads off of flowers as they emerge with an almost predatory like zeal.  I can smell the pungent aroma of old stale rotten pond water being used to fertilize the raised beds. 

            The usual spring chores have to be done. 

Soon I will be burning yard debris, cutting up sunflower stalks to make charcoal, repairing the bird feeders, fixing the awning, and getting the pond ready for fish.


            Then there is the serious work; getting ready for the weekends  away from home.

            Soon the smell of Krylon from spray painting rockets will over power the pond scum smell.  More work:  Cleaning out the pyro bag, dusting off the fire suit, dusting off the sleeping bag, air bed, Coleman stove, and beer cooler, all in anticipation of camping out on the prairie.  From next weekend until the end of summer I will be doing something fun just about every weekend.  


Just to name a few events coming up:

Pyro training

April launch

Trailer cleaning party

Final exam

Mile High Mayhem

Graduation pyro shows

June launch

PHITS camp out

July fireworks shows

August launch.



So I have to get busy, rockets to launch, fireworks to light, beer to drink, targets to shoot, and a trebuchet to build. 

Let me know if you want to come and play, you may wish to bring your ear plugs.

Stay tuned for news on all the summer adventures. 

It should be one hell of a summer.



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