Stop Global Warming, Nuke America

   CO2, along with many other man made chemicals, is said to be a contributing factor for Global warming.  These chemicals come from burning of fossil fuels like Oil, Natural gas, and coal.  Oil, Coal, and natural gas are used to create electrical power.  Oil is used in manufacturing of plastics, oil for lubrication, gasoline and diesel fuel for cars and trucks. 

If Americans are to take the risk of global warming seriously then we need to find serious solutions. 

According to here is what you can do to help stop global warming:

Join Microsoft’s i’m Initiative

Buy Stop Global Warming Bracelets

Buy “A World of Cool”

Buy Jonny Lives! “Get Steady” CD

Use Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

Inflate Your Tires

Change Your Air Filter

Fill the Dishwasher

Use Recycled Paper

Adjust Your Thermostat

Check Your Water heater

Change the AC Filter

Take Shorter Showers

Install a Low-Flow Showerhead

Buy Products Locally

Buy Energy Certificates

Buy Minimally Packaged Goods

Buy a Hybrid Car

Buy a Fuel Efficient Car

Carpool When You Can

Reduce Garbage

Plant a Tree

Insulate Your Water Heater

Replace Old Appliances

Weatherize Your Home

Use a Push Mower

Unplug Un-Used Electronics

Put on a Sweater

Insulate Your Home

Air Dry Your Clothes.

Switch to a Tank less Water Heater

Switch to Double Pane Windows

Buy Organic Food

Bring Cloth Bags to the Market


            Most of these ideas are simple ways of being frugal with your money, a few are normal maintenance items, and others are clubs to join or things to buy, but they all have one thing in common.  They are all designed to make you feel good about doing something to help prevent global warming.  This is serious?


The one thing that can be done that would make a definitive impact isn’t being explored as a viable option.




            This reminds me of the other constant crisis I here all the time, water conservation.  The problem is not a lack of water, our planet is 4/5 covered with water.  The problem is mismanagement of the resource.  Energy conservation is not about a lack of energy it’s about mismanaged energy. 


“This administration is opposed to increased reliance on nuclear power.”

– Al Gore   April 1997 letter discussing nuclear energy.


          What the US needs is Nuclear power, and a lot of it.  If there was enough electric power available you could make enough hydrogen to power cars, distil alcohol, recharge batteries, heat homes, and make stuff in factories.  After a while you wouldn’t notice that we don’t need to import any oil. 

            One issue is that nuclear power plants cost a lot in initial investment.   How can you put a dollar value on human life if Global Warming is as big of a threat as it is claimed?  People will pay more for electricity if there is no other option.  Right now it is cheaper to burn things than it is to build and operate nuclear power plants.  Things change; we can either wait or start building now.  How serious are you?

            The problem is that it takes power to make power.   You can’t build a nuclear power plant with solar powered trucks, or cranes that run on windmills.  We need to start now, build the power plants, run the wire, install the substations, and bring power to the people.

            Once most electricity is made through Nuclear power, we can use Gasoline and diesel where it does the most good, as a high power portable energy source. You can’t run ships and jet airplanes on batteries, wind or solar power.  A nuclear powered luxury liner would be cool, but it’s hard to fly a reactor in a 747.  Also heavy equipment like tractors, graders, dump trucks, and front end loaders are not adaptable to electric use.  There is also the serious issue that cows tend to trip on the huge extension cords going to combines and tractors.

Then the primary CO2 emissions can go back to natural sources, like humans breathing, cows farting, forest fires, volcanoes, ocean life, and rotting everything.  People can start worrying about other things like nuclear proliferation.


This may work for America, but how about the rest of the world?

Nuclear energy is fine for countries that already have nuclear power. 

What about countries that we don’t want to be nuclear powers? 

Do they get to burn all the gasoline they wish?  Who is to tell them that they can’t?    


The threat of Global warming may be serious enough for spending billions of dollars robbing Peter to pay Paul.  It may also justify spending Billions of dollars on Nuclear power plants, at least you can recover that money by charging for electricity.



But is the threat of Global Warming serious enough to go to war?

The third world wants power. 



Will the first world say:

 “Sure have all the power you want, just don’t burn things, oh and Nuclear power is off limits- good luck”

-First world







3 thoughts on “Stop Global Warming, Nuke America

  1. Sean O says:

    Great article. I really like some of the points that you made. I am going to reference this in my blog on global warming:

  2. dave says:

    You left out a very important one in the aid of stopping global warming. Have your prostate checked! Think about it.

  3. Alain Proust says:

    Coal and oil contain carbon. Coal and oil are made from old dead plants and animals. Those plants and animals got their carbon from the atmosphere, and from other plants and animals.

    This means that all of the carbon currently in coal and oil, used to be in a living plant or animal. And for the carbon to be in a plant or animal, it had to be in the atmosphere before that. Either it was in a plant that got it from the atmosphere, or it was in an animal that got by eating a plant, or it was in an animal that got it from eating another animal.

    Those are the only ways carbon can get into coal or oil. It has to come from a plant or animal, and to get into the plant or animal, it has to be in the atmosphere first.

    Therefore, since the carbon in the coal or oil was already in the atmosphere to start with, releasing that carbon back into the atmosphere cannot possibly destroy the planet. The whole thing is a hoax.

    Unfortunately some people have been spreading alarmist stories and getting everybody overexcited about global warming or climate change. Now they have built up the frenzied alarm to such a level that governments are paying attention.

    And what will be the response of the Government(s) Of The World? How about some new taxes? That will be the result of all this global warming stuff. And the new taxes won’t actually stop global warming, but at least we’ll all be paying more tax for everything.

    The unanswerable questions: Why would burning oil and coal destroy the planet, when all the carbon they contain came from the atmosphere in the first place? Why would people want the Government(s) Of The World to get involved and impose heavy new taxes, when there is no proof that the problem is real, or that new taxes will solve the problem?

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