March 12th an important day in Prairieflounder history.

            One year ago today that I quit smoking.  Now I want to be clear about something.  I am not one of those people that make a big deal about quitting; it was not a religious experience that changed my life.  I am not on a crusade to stop everyone I know from smoking. 

            Smoking is just another thing to do, not an especially smart or attractive thing, but it feels good.  I didn’t quit smoking to become a health nut, nor did I quit too live longer.  I quit smoking for three reasons. (1) I was feeling emotionally depressed, low self esteem from being laid off from my work, and the difficulty starting a new job, I needed to accomplish something important. (2)  I love my Wife and my Mom; they lost their dads early due in part to smoking, this was something huge I could give to them for free.  (3) I could think of a lot better ways to spend the money I was spending on cigarettes.  Once all three of these factors aligned it was easy to make the decision to stop smoking. 

            You would think that it would be easy to not buy cigarettes, not light them up and inhale the smoke.  Its not, but I did it and I am proud of myself. It’s funny that a person can be proud of not paying for cigarettes and not inhaling smoke into you lungs.  But I am.

So, as a tribute I would like to put down the benefits I have found.

1.      Saved a ton of money.

2.      The towels in the bathroom don’t stink.

3.      The bathroom doesn’t smell (like cigarettes)

4.      The garage smells in a different way. (Kitty litter)

5.      I don’t stink as much (Or in a different way)

6.      My sense of smell is better, or at least more.

7.      I am told that I don’t snore as much.

And the down side…

1.      I can’t stay up as late.

2.      A year later and I still feel like I am forgetting something when I go outside.

3.      People I know that smoke smell bad to me.  (Maybe just a little jealous)

4.      I Snack too much.

5.      I have to look for ways to light fireworks.

So how about that money?

Cigarette saving  $


1 pack of smokes


Price per cigarette


Number smoked per day


Saved per day not smoking


Saved per week not smoking


Saved per month not smoking


Saved per year not smoking


Estimated saving if I live 30 more years.


So what does one do to celebrate an anniversary like this?  You usually celebrate dates when something special happens.  How do you celebrate coming to a decision to stop doing something?  

Exercise?  Naa.. I never liked the idea of exercising just for the sake of getting healthy. 

I like what Neil said:

I believe that every human has a finite number of heartbeats. I don’t intend to waste any of mine running around doing exercises.
Neil Armstrong 

Any hints would be appreciated.

Taking the day off is moot, I am here and working so it will have to be something else.



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