Flounder Farmer

 The Astronaut Farmer

            You all know my enthusiasm for space, NASA, rockets, and anything geeky, or dangerous.  Well I also hold a special place in my heart for three other things. 

1.  Cowboys 

2.  Tweaking authority 

3.  Individualism.

These are all linked in my mind as one concept.  I guess that’s why this film appeals to me so much.  It contains everything I like and none of what I don’t like. 

            The Astronaut Farmer has every thing that you need in a family movie.  I won’t get into describing the story, as it is just what you expect.  It’s “The field of Dreams” for people who dream big.  The Astronaut Farmer is inspirational, up lifting, and a joy to watch.  The movie deals with ideals, family, and not giving up.

            I live in the west, and it seems like someone is Hollywood actually filmed this in America.  Not the
America where other films are made, in the dirty streets, where bums are urinating in alleys and cops are shooting up nightclubs to get a drug dealer.  This America seems more like what I see everyday, windmills, long dirt roads, cows, farms and rockets.  It is refreshing to see a movie that has the look and feel of a Disney movie with out the prat falls and bathroom humor gags, and the grownups are idiot’s jokes.

            It also was a rewarding experience for another reason.   The movie was good for what it didn’t show and for what you didn’t here.  Foul language, violence, over emotional scenes, unnecessary action, odd aggressive camera angles, villains, catch phrases, and perfect people were not in this movie.  Neither were the close-ups that are done so tight that you press yourself into your seat to keep from getting a nose hair in your popcorn. 

            It would be easy to point out some flaws in physics but I won’t.  An effort was applied to make the space craft realistic or at least plausible, and there is a certain amount of artistic license due.  Just one thing… The barn would have been toast, enough said.

            I highly recommend seeing this film. It appears that Hollywood can create a movie about a hero with out a villain.  Where there can be good with out a conflict with evil, and people can act in their own self interest with out sacrificing others.

            I don’t own many movies but this I will buy when it comes out on DVD.   


5 thoughts on “Flounder Farmer

  1. caveblogem says:

    Do you remember that show in the 1970s “Salvage I” where Andy Griffith (I think) played a guy who built a rocket out of spare parts?

  2. Archvillain says:

    I remember “Salvage 1”, and it is the reason I refuse to see this flick.

  3. dave says:

    Rock on. I recommended this movie to my mom (your grandmother) and I think she will probably see it tomorrow. It is everything you might want in a movie. I think we have all had enough of bad people, bad acting, hopeless plots and bad movies for a while.

  4. Max says:

    i loved this movie for all the reasons you mentioned.

  5. .J.J. Hanks says:

    I agree with you 100%! It’s nice to see Billy Bob Thornton play a different role for him and pull it off so well. I got a kick out of Bruce Willis and his cameo. The whole cast make for an unconventional family movie that I wish there were more of. Instead we will be forced to fall back down to Earth in time for all the talking dog movies. Rough.

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