Magic Swamp Frog

            I can see how people start to believe in strange things.  UFOs, Loch-Ness monsters, healing crystals, rain of toads, bat boy, ghosts, and assorted stuff that never seem to be proven. 


I love the X=files

The truth is out there.


It was August in Roseville Ca.  The sheet metal shop I worked out of was complaining about the heat, the swamp cooler on the roof wasn’t working and they asked if I could take a look at it.  The building is one of those tilt up concrete slab buildings that were popular for warehouses and industrial parks.  Basically a concrete box with a wood roof, usually flat with Tar paper and gravel.  I hate these roofs because they are hot, worse than a parking lot; it’s like the focal point of a parking lot lens.  Anyway the swamp cooler was about 50′ from anything on the roof, just about centered, in the middle of hot, gravel and asphalt.  Swamp coolers have this characteristic sound of a properly working appliance, but this one sounds wrong.  I can here the motor spinning with out any strain.  I can tell that the fan belt is probably broken with out even opening it up to see. So I open it up to find out what size belt to get.  Most swamp coolers have pads with steel louvers on all four sides; you lift and pull to open.   Sometimes if the water is hard it’s crusted over with calcium its tough to open.


I open the panel and out jumps a frog. 


It was a little frog, about the size of my thumb.  I can’t think of a good way for a frog to get into a swamp cooler in the middle of the roof. 

However the guys in the shop had lots of ideas…


#1.  It must have rained tadpoles.  Yep, a water spout from a funnel cloud suspended tadpoles in the air until it rained. 

#2.  A bird took a bath in a creek had a tadpole stuck to its feathers, flew up to the roof, sat on the swamp cooler, then it rained and washed the tadpole off the bird into the cooler sump pan. 

#3.  Tadpole eggs are in the water, you drink them and cook with them all the time and just don’t notice them, because they are tiny and don’t taste bad.

#4.  You can’t discount magic. (Yes there were some strange people in our shop)


#5.  Aliens aren’t necessarily human in form.  (See #4)

Alien frog


Yes, I took the frog down with me to show everyone in the shop.  Then I put it in a creek near my home. And yes, they thought I was pulling their leg.


I also considered the idea that it was a prank by the guys in the shop.  It would have taken some doing on their part.  First the building doesn’t have a ladder, so they would have had to borrow mine.  Second the unit had lots of rust and scale and it was difficult to open the access panel.  Third the unit was running the day before and quit in the morning when it was turned on.  They suffered all day with out cooling.  That’s a lot to go through for a prank.


In  Fort Collins Colorado I found Crayfish parts on the roof of buildings before.  I have a tough time believing in funnel clouds sucking crayfish up and raining them down on buildings, so I am thinking that the bird theory is the best bet.



Can you imagine how the crayfish feels?  Your doing what ever a crayfish does and then out of the blue your picked up by a bird and flown hundreds of feet in the air to a roof to be eaten.  The survivors (Dropped) could base an entire religion on the experience. 

They probably use it as a parable for keeping the kids inline. 

Don’t pinch Johnny or the beaked devil will pluck you up and take you to hell.


Or frogs have their own version of the X files.  I can imagine the episode where the frog tells the story about living his entire life in a noisy box in the middle of an endless desert.



4 thoughts on “Magic Swamp Frog

  1. caveblogem says:

    I have a hard time believing that thing about frog eggs being in our food and water and stuff, but I could be pursuaded. There are species of frogs in the Amazon rainforest which exist only in Bromeliads, growing hundreds of feet in the air, never in their lives making it to the forest floor. I always wonder how they got there in the first place, but it is always difficult to imagine the true time-scale of evolutionary change.

    Regarding the crayfish, though, I have an idea. I read an article a couple of years ago about species of fairy shrimp, which can actually get pretty big. Their eggs live as dessicated cysts in desert areas and when there is sufficient rain, they are born, reproduce (laying more cysts) and then die–all within the span of a couple of weeks. It would be easy to see that stuff hatching in a swamp cooler in Colorado.

    Cool story, PF

  2. Monica says:

    I like to read your ” stuff ” once in a while but I dont get to talk to you enough.
    The frog thing is great! I still belive in magic but I dont think this was a magic experience. Keep it coming!

  3. jack says:

    Frogs are aliens. they are always mutating. i cant count how many 6 legged frogs i’ve seen on the internet!there was even a 3-headed one!!

  4. Hannah says:

    I am wondering if it is okay if i use your frog in a swamp with the wizards hat on for my school project in ICT.
    It is a BTEC course to create a website.
    Many thanks, look forward to a reply

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