Singing Monkey Balls

SMBProduct review

Today I am reviewing Singing Monkey Balls.

Also known as Uberorbs, rattlesnake eggs, magnetoids, and Monkey Balls.  I personally like Monkey Balls the best. Same product but much more descriptive and has the value of product recognition. They are elliptical shaped magnets that are made of a smooth ceramic or glass like mineral called Hematite.  Don’t know if the strong magnets are somehow encapsulated inside, or the hematite is somehow magnetized. 

Here is some information on Hematite.

It’s also the official mineral of


I got a catalog from Think Geek that said I could get free monkey balls with any order over $40.00.  Well it’s getting near Christmas and I am sure that someone deserves Geek gifts. 

The Monkey Balls arrived in the usual fashion I have come to expect from  They were delivered on time and well packaged.  Thank you Think Geek, nothing worse than bruised or broken monkey balls. 

They are very strong magnets that are smooth and alluring, and quite difficult to put down.  You can’t help playing with the things.  One thing that I would recommend for Think Geek would be a way of transporting them.  I don’t feel comfortable putting them in my pocket due to their magnetic properties I don’t want to risk the cards in my wallet being erased, or problems with my palm top, or mp3 player.  It would be great to come up with a magnet impervious box or bag. 

The darn things make a really cool noise when they come together.  Its tricky to describe, you have to here it to understand.  Here is a like to some people who have done the work for

All in all the packaging and the product are quite pleasing.  I see imitators all over but nothing is quite like the one and only, well two and only Monkey Balls.  I highly recommend purchasing some for yourselves.

Some uses not mentioned on the Think Geek website:

#1  The sound seams to scare the hell out of cats.  Good training tool.

#2  They do hold things on to a refrigerator door. 

#3  One magnet will effect another magnet at least 4” away.  This seams mysterious to small children and animals.

#4.  Leave a pair on a conference room table and your guaranteeing that the next meeting gets started late and is completely free of useful content.

#5  Take them outside and play with them in the sand.  Now you have hairy monkey balls.

#6  Put one in the bottom of you drinking glass.  It stays below the ice, now you can stir your drink with the other magnet in the palm of your hand.  Just rotate the cup.

#7.  Useful as a stud finder when looking where to hand a picture. 

#8   Stick a pair to the space between the freezer door and the refrigerator door about an inch apart.  One someone opens either door they will make a racket and scare the cat.  (Diet alarm)

Anyway I am sure that there are websites that are as I write coming up with things you can do with these amazing little magnets.

Good product, I give them *** and a () 

Just because.




Next review, the USB snowman. 


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