My son came home from college and brought my wife a present. Every other year or so she gets a nutcracker. I guess I am to blame, I bought her a largish nutcracker when I was away on a TDY in Germany. It was getting near Christmas and I was concerned that I wouldn’t make it home for Christmas. So I bought her a Large Furry Nutcracker for Christmas. Anyway she is up to about a dozen now.

Lucky #13

A little history: My son is a geek. Not in a social misfit, basement dwelling 30 old virgin playing D&D kind of Geek, but the super smart, Bill Gates, going to run the world kind of a geek. He goes to a school in Golden that I don’t think any of my boyhood friends would have been qualified to mow the lawns, let alone pay tuition.

Anyway he came home and replaced the center (Largest) Nutcracker with a new one he bought.

He was a perfect and appropriate gift.
It looks like lab scientist / geek / teacher Nutcracker. He claimed it was on sale because of a defect, namely it was supposed to be a Doctor Nutcracker but it was defective (the stethoscope fell off) he was able to get a real deal on it. 

What a great name, would you see him for a vasectomy? 

Or take your dog to see him as a veterinarian?  “Come on boy, this won’t hurt a bit”

I am so proud of my son he will go far, as long as he keeps his sence of humor.  And studies hard.

I also noticed when I took a look at the picture, that you could put a label on the book he is holding. Any suggestions?

How about this….


Or this….


Or finally this….



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