Kick the rascals in.

The “people” have spoken. 

They said that they don’t like what is going on and want a change.  The Democrats have been screaming that they are just the party to take the country in a new direction, that its time for a change.  Where they want to go and what change they want to make is unclear. 

I Agree,

With the “people” not the Democrats, and not in the way you think. 

In my opinion, here’s a large and sweeping over-generalization of the left and right ….

Left     (Dem)                          Right    (Rep)

Increase in taxes                       Reduction in taxes

More government                     Less government

Social spending                        Military spending

More Freedom                        More security

Less security                            Less Freedom

Legal Abortion                         Illegal abortion

Free money                              Earn money

Tax now                                   Spend now

Business = bad                         Business = good

Fruits & Nuts                           Preachers & Kooks.

Flakes                                      Hypocrites

Gays                                        Militants

EPA                                         NRA

Immigration amnesty                 A big fence

You get the picture 

Here is what we actually got with the Republicans over the last decade:

Left     (Dem)                          Right       (Rep)

Increase in taxes.                       Reduction in taxes Increase in taxes.

More government.                     Less government More government.

Social spending.                        Military spending.

More freedom.                          More Security Less security.

Less security.                            Less freedom.

Legal Abortion.                         Prayer.

Free money.                             Earn money.

Tax now.                                  Spend now, Tax now.

Business = bad.                         Business = good.

Fruits & Nuts.                           Preachers & Kooks.

Flakes.                                      Hypocrites.

Gays.                                        Militants.

EPA.                                        NRA

Immigration amnesty.                A really big fence.

           What has happened lately is the Right has taken on some of the attributes of the left and that’s pissing off some Republicans.  That’s opened the door for the Democrats to move in, or at least the undecided voters to vote for Democrats. 

           So it comes down to this, the “people” are tired of loosing freedom, not feeling secure, at war with the world, government getting bigger, and America isn’t popular any more.  So the Democrats say they will shake things up. 


            From what I can tell our government works best when it is fighting with in itself.  When there is an even amount of Left and Right then new laws don’t seem to get passed.  Things grind to a halt.  Taxes don’t get raised, the military may go places and kill people but they don’t all go; just some here and there. If we can’t change our government then maybe it would be best to make sure that it can’t do anything. 

           It’s Kind of like having a pet Elephant and Donkey in the house.  If we can’t get them to stop fighting and crapping all over the place maybe we can lock them up in the yard.  They will never get along but at least we can now have company over.    

          Right now the “Public” is pissed off and wants a change.  I would like to think that it’s because there isn’t enough infighting and we need to balance the parties; move the pets outside.  Maybe I am giving too much credit to the general voter.  However I do believe that people can sense at least on a subconscious level when something is wrong and work to fix it. 

           Maybe the “Public” is floundering into a better non-working government.  I kind of like the sound of that.  If I were running for office I would make that would be my campaign slogan.   

Vote for Prairie Flounder.  Let’s flounder into a non-working government together. 

Besides; America is historically good at floundering around, knocking things over and breaking the china.  Kind of poking all the buttons and hoping for the best. At least that seams like how our foreign policy works.


Remember this is just an opinion. 

And Flounders have opinions.

Flat ones.

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