Recorded Phone Weasels

I feel special.


I had 6 phone calls last night 

I may have had more but I unplugged the phones when I went to bed.


I was called by important prominent people asking me to vote.

Me.  Who what of thought that my vote was so important?


I got called from Barbra Bush, Dick Cheney, and Marylyn Musgrave just to mention a few.  Funny how they are all Republicans, I am always amazed how the two major parties do a whole lot of “preaching to the choir”.  I am a little disappointed I didn’t get a call from a Democrat.  But I understand why, they all seam to be on the street sides with signs freezing their buts off.


Sorry to disappoint them but I am not voting for either party. 

I haven’t for years. 

It just encourages them.


The major portion of the voting is for measures, initiatives, and other falderal anyway.

I pay attention and read carefully each measure before voting.

Then I compare it to my three rules for voting. 

EVERYTIME my vote is the same.


PF four rules for voting:


  1. If the first paragraph is one long run on sentence that you can’t read twice and then tell anyone what you just read, vote no.
  2. If the measure is in anyway a tax increase or diverts funds from one thing to pay for another, vote no.  Peter and Paul with thank you.
  3. If the measure is to amend the constitution to fix a behavioral issue that is topical today but not in the past vote no.
  4. When in doubt vote no.

The exception to this rule is if there is a measure to clean out old falderal or stupid laws that shouldn’t have been voted for in the past; vote YES.


I can’t wait to find out how the public voted tonight.  It is always entertaining to me how much weight people put on which party is in control.  In the end it doesn’t really matter.  The difference between Red and Blue is only one of degree and timing.


How about some coffee….


The Red Starbucks sells coffee just like the Blue Starbucks. 

However there are a few small differences.


The Red Starbucks has little bible verses on the cups and they serve it way to hot with not enough sweetener.  Also the price is high to pay for selling weapons to
Columbia and ammo for Dick Cheney.


The Blue Starbucks has recyclable cups with save the planet sayings on them; the coffee is not hot enough because some one may burn themselves.  The price is high to pay for health care for Columbians.  And the coffee is way too sweet.


In the end you end up with coffee you don’t like in a cup you feel guilty about throwing away.


Best bet is to buy your own coffee and make it yourself.






A noun
falderal, folderol, frills, gimcrackery, gimcracks, nonsense, trumpery



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