Pork points

With the advent of voting machines and touch screens I propose a new method of voting.
Currently we are allowed one vote and are told that if there are two or three candidates for the job then we are only allowed to vote for one. Also there are lots of times where you don’t wish to vote for either candidate so you vote for the one you like the least and walk away feeling like you just wasted your vote on an asshole you wouldn’t trust to do your lawn.

My method is simple. When you get to the voting booth you get 100 points. You can spend them all on one candidate or spread them evenly to all the measures you feel strongly about, or any combination you like. For example your ballot may look like this:
Measure K (initiative to allow 16 year olds to vote)
Measure FU (the initiative to force politicians to tattoo on their forehead with what PAC owns them)
Candidate X (Republican for Governor)
Candidate Y (Democrat for Governor)
Candidate Z (Libertarian for Governor)

So you can use your 100 points like so:

K 10 Points
FU 80 Points
Candidate X 1 Points
Candidate Y 2 Points
Candidate Z 7 Points

Or if your a little left of center…

K 70 Points
FU 0 Points
Candidate X 30 Points
Candidate Y 0 Points
Candidate Z 0 Points

Or if your really desperate for a Democrat use up all your votes to get his ass in office and find in the morning his face is so completely covered with tattoos that reporters are asking for a micro-scope to find out who owns his ass.

You see the beauty of the idea.
People would have to think before casting their votes. A large vote for one is less to vote on others. You get to show just how strong you believe in one cause or another. Or how much disdain you have for any of them, 100 points for FU.

However there is a down side, you could have some wacky new law that was approved by a minority group with a fanatical following. Like approving national toga day (by the fraternities) or making it legal to shoot black cats on Halloween (By the Pagan chapter of the NRA) Or by retroactively electing John Kerry to president and giving him an extra 4 years because it was sooo unfair, and Bush cheated, and Florida is stupid and, and, well thats all.

Our current representative republic doesn’t discriminate against people who wish to vote for any reason. It may be that asking people to actually figure out how to spend 100 points is asking too much. It could be considered intelligence discrimination.



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