GeEk sPeAk

I just got back from two days in paradise. Yes the Prairie. I got a late start due to an emergency at work but I managed to load up the HPM HPMwith goodies and make it to the north site by 3pm Saturday night. When I arrived there were some real enthusiastic kids launching rockets, I spent most of my time helping them out. It must suck to be short. But they didn’t seam to be bothered by it, and I didn’t mind helping them with their rockets. Its gratifying to see little kids interested in going outside and flying rockets.

Around dusk the crowed started to thin down to the serious rocket geeks. The ones that don’t mind the cold and will stay around to BS even when the range closes. These Geeks are some of my best friends. One of the things that makes these friends so special is that they don’t seem to have any class distinction.   Everyone is there for their rockets, it doesn’t seem to matter if you are rich, poor, an executive, doctor, or working man. Everyone is on a level playing field, sure some people can afford enormous projects and spend huge amounts of money on propellant but they all speak the same language.

Rocket Geek.

Sometimes I can step outside myself and here what others hear. I can here the strange language that is spoken by people that are talking about something that is so specialized as to almost require interpretation for a new comer.


John: “Joe, what’s on the rail?” Joe: “Peer Pressure on a 38mm I284” John: “Oh yea? What do you think you’ll get out of it?” Joe: “Well I simmed it on rocksim; It should get about 5400 feet.” John: It’s pretty windy you arn’t using motor ejection are you?” Joe: “Nope, its Dual deploy but I friction fit the main so I may do a Moses”

I am aware that every group also has their own language. I know a few other languages
Pyro, D&D, Electronic, HVAC, and Military to name a few. However its Rocket Geek that I find most entertaining, followed closely by D&D.  But I don’t make a hobbit out of analyzing these things.

Anyway I had a great time playing on the prairie. When night fell we brought out some noise makers and a few Jack-o-lanterns. The Jack-o-lanterns didn’t last long. Its nice to properly recycle vegetables.
There’s nothing better after a long night of shooting pumpkins, propellant burning and Geek Talk in the cold while drinking beer than a nice warm hardy breakfast. I recommend Jimmy Dean Skillets.JD
MMmmmm Easy and tasty.

The next day was an EX launch or as Tripoli names it a “Research Launch” This is the day where the Geek Talk hits a new level where the normal club members would be lost. Here are a list of words that were actually used in casual talk on a Sunday morning.

GPS down-link
Mach delay.
Max Q
Deployment bag
Nomex pad.
AP, AN, Pban, facile, Mag, etc
Tubular kevlar
Core sample
Buck recovery
Graphite nozzle
Parasitic drag

Well, there was some really great flights. Some in particular were to be admired. These are the ones that get special respect from me. Anyone can build a kit. Some people can design their own rocket and use a store bought rocket motor. It’s in an entirely different animal to design you own rocket, machine your own motor, design and program your own digital altimeter, with GPS down-link, sew your own parachute, and characterize your own propellant. Then launch it and recover it perfectly. With style.

There were real rocket scientists at today’s launch.

And I could speak their language.

How cool is that?


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