Flaming Jack

Well, I found more photos from Balls with the abused Jack-O-lantern. So I thought I would post them for Halloween. I will upload the last few before Halloween is over.

I just love this picture.

I will also bring my camera to the launch/camp-out on Saturday. I plan on bringing our jack-o-lanterns out to the prairie and disposing them in an imaginatively aggressive manor.

I don’t know why but Jack-o-lanterns are just the coolest things.


However I feel that the pumpkin is over rated as a medium for the carving. I am going to experiment with a coconut and some gourds and see if I can make something that is a little more durable. May take power tools to carve a coconut but I’m not above using power tools for foolishness.



One thought on “Flaming Jack

  1. caveblogem says:

    That last one is a pumpkin?

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