Brain Smoke

    Back in March I quit smoking.  I am not going to sit here and wax poetically on how evil cigarettes are or how difficult it was to quit.  You have heard it all before.  What I do want to cover is an experience that I am not entirely sure is connected to smoking, however it would explain a lot on why it is so difficult.

After about three months of being smoke free I began to feel like I could not concentrate like I used to.  I felt that before I quit smoking I had more energy, could think better, had more optimism, could work harder, concentrate harder, and in every way be a superior person.

The most difficult thing for me was to not go back to smoking as a way of improving myself.  Now how’s that for a twisted kind of logic.  I don’t know if cigarettes affected my brain or what the psychological process was.   All of the other propaganda that the no-smoking Nazis and health nuts advertise is true to a large extent.

I don’t advocate other people to stop smoking. I wish our government would leave smokers alone.  Some day when I am old and frail I will probably take up smoking again, but it will probably be marijuana not tobacco.  I wonder if we find a cure for cancer whether or not smoking would make a big comeback.  Now that would be an interesting thing to see.

Anyway not I am fairly certian that I will not backslide and start smoking again.  Everyday I think about it and everyday I make a consience decision not to smoke today.

I also find that I have more money in my pocket since I quit.



One thought on “Brain Smoke

  1. caveblogem says:

    The Kurt Vonnegut novel Jailbird starts with the protagonist during his last day in jail sitting there and periodically clapping his hands together as part of a rude rhyme he remembers from school. He quit smoking in jail and periodically has these nightmares that he started again, so the rhyme calms him down. Vonnegut had a similar experience, wuit for many years and then once on a trip to Hawaii was standing on a balcony decided that the only thing that could make the moment more perfect would be a cigarette. I forget whether he started again smoking after that.

    I don’t flatter myself that I know how hard it is to stop smoking. It was really pretty easy for me; it never really took hold as a habit. In fact no habits ever really take with me for long. On the other hand, I couldn’t possibly stay away from caffiene. Keep up the smoke-free days though, dude. We want you around.

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